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“I went to see Justine with no expectation and she blew me away with her intuition. She told me about my brother who passed away and the angel that is with him, told me so much detail and shared what my life looks like today and what the cards said where I could be if I followed them. She isn’t a tarot card reader, she is much more! She is a life coach” Sam, Business Professional

“Justine always said my family would have money, we just had to want it. I guess she was right. On February 23, 2004, I won $1 million dollars on ABC’s Who Wants To BE A Millionaire.” Robert “Bob-O” 

“I first met Justine when I was in need of some serious guidance. I walked in her door and she immediately started telling me things no one else knew, before she even laid out any cards. I left knowing what I needed to do and it all worked out exactly the way she said it was going to. She has an incredible gift!”  LeAnn, Teacher 

“Justine is the Master of predictions. When it comes to providing clarity and direction for fulfilling your dreams, Justine is the answer to your prayers.” Pamela Gress, President/Owner of Dance Advantage

“Justine was part of a group that “put me back together” when I lost my mum and best girlfriend within 3 months of each other. Neither of their passing was known and I was just lost. Thanks to Justine for helping me back to life again. I will forever be grateful.”   Joyce C