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Q “What if the card says I’m going to die?”

     A “Only God knows Who’s going to die, not a tarot reader. The death card is not a card of physical death but one of a major transformation in your life. Examples are like, graduating from school, getting married, moving across country, changing careers or any other major event that changes your life is a death card.”

Q “What if I don’t like what the cards are telling me?” 

     A “You have free will, which is strongest force in the universe. You have the ability to change anything in a Tarot reading. 

Q “Is the Tarot Evil?”

     A “People think the devil card is evil. The devil card is what we do to ourselves to prevent our own growth. For most of us, the devil card is anxiety and fear. Greed, anger, envy, guilt, doubt, grief and obsessive relationships are also examples of the devil card.”

Q “What are the details of the Tarot class being offered?”

      A “Lesson one is the intro and history of the Tarot. Lesson two walks you through the Court Cards, teaching you what each individual one means and how it is used. Lesson three will take you through the Journey of the soul, The Major Arcana. Lesson four will take you through the journey of the body, the Minor Arcana. Lesson Five shows three spreads. One that has been perfected by Justine that she fines most effective. She also has a sample read with someone to show you how to lay out the cards and talk with your client.”

Q “Do I have to buy Justine’s book or read it before I start the class?”

     A ” Having the book is very helpful when going through the class. You can pause any section of the class and read that part of the book, then continue on to the next. It’s like going through a college class without your text book. You could do it, but you could learn so much more if you would have the book for a reference. So its up to you how you would like to experience the class.  

Q “The class started on October 10, 2020. Does that mean I missed my opportunity to sign up?”

     A “Absolutely not! We have designed the class to be on going. Once you pay for the class it is yours forever. We may be adding little helpful hints along the way as well.

Q “How do I pay for the on-line video class and access it on the website?”

     A “Click on the Register button, fill out all your information, create a username and password. At the bottom of the register page when you click the register button, it will direct you to PayPal. That is where you pay for the class. After you pay you will receive an email giving you a special password to access the videos. When you are ready to start the class, go to this website, click Login button and login using your username and password you created when you registered. It will take you to the video classes. Each video is password protected. This is where you use the special password that was emailed to you.